2016-Try Central and Southeast Europe

The wines of this part of the  world have never really been on most peoples radar.This is understandable as they are very underrepresented in UK supermarkets.

However the wines of Hungary, Bulgaria,Croatia and Slovenia for example are gaining increasingly overdue recognition for a full range of wines from inexpensive,reliable whites through to serious dry whites and reds.

Hungary for example is currently experimenting not only with new varieties but also reviving almost forgotten ones.

As a wallet friendly introduction to Hungarian wine the Co-op has a white and a red from the Hilltop Winery in Neszmely (you will find them on the bottom shelf feeling sorry for themselves-“why does no one buy me?”).

Hilltop Premium Pinot Grigio-Kiralyleanyka 2014:- A delicious example of the combination an international varietal combined with an indigenous Hungarian variety. great with chicken,salads or pasta. Won bronze at 2015 International Wine Challenge and described by Tim Atkin (Master of Wine) as “the best sub £5 white in the UK today”-£4.79.

Hilltop Premium Merlot-Kekfrankos 2014:- A medium bodied red again combining an international variety with the indigenous Hungarian varietal to great effect. Great with stews and casseroles but versatile enough to be drunk on its own. £4.79.

Central and Southeast Europe-wines to watch out for in 2016.




2 thoughts on “2016-Try Central and Southeast Europe

  1. Hi Mike, great to see your blog. Have shared on Facebook, looking forward to seeing your next recommendations. Cheers. Julie Cunning6


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