In recent years the major supermarkets have done a great job in introducing wines from all over the world to their customers. Over 90% of wine in the UK is purchased via this route.

This however brings with it a problem. Faced with vast swathes of bottles in the wine aisle how does the average consumer make an informed choice?

How do you differentiate between the multitude of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio that dominate the shelves?

How do you expand your wine drinking horizons with confidence-perhaps venturing off the beaten track?

In 2016 I will be scouring the supermarket shelves for the best value for money wines to suit all budgets (the average bottle spend in the UK is still around the £5 mark- the best value tends to be in the £7-£10 range).

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and would welcome any feedback.



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